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Darling Chocolate Cakes with Fluffy Strawberry Buttercream

Small Cake

The Vibrant Kitchen

“Darling little cakes that bring the fairies out to play. Rich, decadent cacao powder sweetened gently and topped with flurries of creamy strawberry buttercream. These sweet little cakes can be altered depending on what you fancy when you are creating them. Raspberries or blackberries could be added to the cake or buttercream, or for a incredible chocolate delight you could make a Vegan buttercream that would be absolutely divine! This recipe is a great base for you to play. ” – The Vibrant Kitchen

The perfect treat for someone special or to impress friends at your next dinner party. Not to mention, this recipe is Vegan + Gluten Free for anyone who has food allergies. Everyone should have cake!

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