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CV Skin Labs Restorative Skin Balm


CV Skin Labs understands that sensative skin is more susceptable to the harmful effects of toxic chemical exposure. Everyday toxins can easily penetrate skin with a malfunctioning outer layer and wreak havok within in the body; our skin really is the doorway to what’s inside us! Every CV Skin Labs product contains their unique Tri-Rescue Complex, a powerful blend of tumeric, alpha-bisabolol & reishi mushroom to encourage healing and restore the integrity of our barrier of defense against the harsh outside world. CV Skinlabs, doesn’t just give back to your skin, they give back to the community. Founder, Britta Aragon, feels a special connection with those groups that incorporate the healing magic of horses into their therapy efforts and donates annually to The Horse Power for Life.


A favorite among celebrity makeup artists, this petroleum free cure-all balm works wonders on chapped lips, eczema, scars, cuticles & any other areas needing some extra TLC. Featuring the powerful trio of Arnica, Sea Buckthorne Oil & Calendula, plus active botanicals, Carnuba and Beeswax, this balm boasts immune boosting, regenerative & antiseptic properties and creates a barrier that locks in moisture & allows these healing ingredients to repair damaged skin.

Key Ingredients:

  • Carnauba + Bee’s Wax – Safeguard your skin’s moisture barrier.
  • Vitamin E – A powerful, proven antioxidant, it aids in wound healing.



Smooth liberally over clean cuts (closed), scrapes, abrasions, chaffs & new scars to accelerate healing time.

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