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A Look Inside with Crystal Hill Organics with Andrea Barone Sazwan


Meet the lovely Andrea Barone Sazwan of Crystal Hill Organics. Exquisite flowers, beneficial herbs, and high-vibration crystals are synergistically blended to create the Crystal Hills product line. Their goal is simple: to use the healing power of nature to cleanse, soothe, protect, and beautify your skin. They firmly believe that what we put onto our skin is just as important as the food we eat in restoring and maintaining the body’s harmony and vitality. All of their all-natural formulas are crafted to work at a cellular level to enrich, nourish, and protect the skin. We had the chance to interview Andrea and find out more about her exceptional company! Enjoy.

1. What’s your favorite part about running Crystal Hill Organics?
My favorite part of running Crystal Hills Organics is the variety of jobs I get to do. Some days I can sit and write about an ingredient or blog topic whereas other days I focus on marketing, work in the lab or tend to the farm. I love the diversity.

2. What’s a trend in the beauty industry you’d like to see grow?
Definitely natural beauty products. With my background in biological sciences and occupational health and safety, I am really familiar with the effect that chemicals can have on the body. I know that people are becoming more mindful of their lifestyle, placing importance on organic, farm-to-table eating and GMO labeling as well as becoming more cognizant of what they put on their bodies. However I think that there is still a large part of the population that doesn’t realize that our skin is truly our biggest organ and using products that contain artificial fragrances, synthetic additives, phthalates, and detergents is not a benefit to our bodies. I think it would be great if everyone considered that what they put on their bodies should be just as important as the food they eat.

3. Of the products you make, which is your favorite?
Well I do love them all as I usually pick the scent depending on what I need a boost of for the day (IE. do I want more calmness from Crystal Dreams or confidence with some Moon Goddess?) I think I probably go through the most of the Crystal Love Body Serum overall as the scent of roses is one of my favorites.

4. What sets Crystal Hill Organics apart from other lines on the market today?
Crystal Hills Organics is pretty unique in that we incorporate crystals into all of our creations to offer a well-rounded holistic product. Each of our luxurious product lines include a specific botanical blend, a color, a scent from pure essential oils and a crystal plus the organic oils/butters/salts that all work synergistically together to benefit the body.

5. We all know healthy beauty starts with what we put in our bodies. What 3 tips can you share about beauty from the inside out? (think superfoods, supplements, teas, elixirs and the like)
Well since I am turning 47 this year, I can honestly say that I have come to realize what foods/supplements help my body which in turn is reflected on the outside (ie. having more energy, not having puffy eyes or having better looking skin). I have wheatgrass practically every day as it is high in chlorophyll which is a natural liver cleanser and detoxifier plus it has an alkalizing effect on the body which helps to restore the pH balance in our body, resulting in an increase in energy. I have also started drinking kombucha every day and am lucky that I have found a local source (Lutz Nutrition) that is made by a holistic nutritionist so it tastes really good versus some of the ones out there that taste like vinegar. Kombucha adds beneficial probiotics into your body resulting in improved digestion, a boost in energy and immune support. I also drink a lot of white tea as it is very high in antioxidants and offers anti-inflammatory properties while still giving you the caffeine when you need it. ; )

6. Do you have a hero? If so, who and why?
My Italian Grandma. To me she was the most amazing person that I have ever known. She taught me all about gardening and incorporating fresh and healthy ingredients into cooking and baking. Really both of my grandmas did this with me but I had that extra special bond with my Italian one. She really imparted her wisdom on to me and was a figure of unconditional love. She taught me to look for the good in everyone, to really see just how bright their spirit could shine. My grandma had an amazingly strong faith in God, would volunteer at numerous places and she was the type of beautiful soul who would send money back to an orphanage in Italy, even when she first settled in Canada although she and my Grandpa did not have much money to spare. She taught me the value of giving back and helping others.

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