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Change your Moisturizer – Not your Lifestyle (5 Eco Friendly Living Tips)

Change your Moisturizer - Not your Lifestyle (5 Eco Friendly Living Tips)

Replace that chemical-laden mattress with a long lasting, clean version.

Change your Moisturizer – Not your Lifestyle

Have you ever wanted to help the environment, but have a hard time figuring out how to make a positive impact, without making a negative one on your wallet? You don’t have to spend a lot of money on solar panels or an electric car, and you don’t have to commit to completely changing your way of life. By being aware of what types of products and materials are eco-friendly and healthier alternatives, you can be one step closer to making an environmental difference. Below are five more eco friendly living tips for starting small in your home to make a difference on a larger scale.

Use eco-friendly beauty supplies
There are many products today that focus on being cruelty free and are made from organic and environmentally safe materials. Many beauty brands have made their mission specifically around pure and natural products, like those from 100% Pure, who use vegetables and fruit dyes in their makeup products. You can even get hygiene products like organic bamboo toothbrushes that are biodegradable and won’t add to overflowing landfills. You can even have natural beauty & wellness products curated by Goodbeing and delivered right to your door. Take a look here to see all the other environmentally friendly companies that you could explore in your Goodbeing box.

Decorate with plants and recycled furnishings
Incorporating recycled decor throughout your home is a great way to use sustainable and reclaimed products, reduce your footprint, and add a unique style to any room. Reclaimed wood is a large trend in the interior design industry, and tables like these are just one example of how you can tie in touches of natural design. One important piece of furniture that you should make sure is eco-friendly is your Mattress. It’s important to have a mattress that is both safe and not harmful to your air quality. Look for options that are made from organic fabrics and 100% natural latex, like those from Avocado Mattress. Latex mattresses tend to last two times longer, and can be easily recycled.

Shop at your local farmer’s market
Checking out your local farmer’s market or fruit stand can help make a difference for your local economy and benefit the environment. When you shop locally, you cut down on the fuel and packaging that is used when manufacturing food. Small family farms also use less chemicals, like pesticides, and produce less carbon dioxide. The fresh ingredients are also more likely to be organic (and affordable). Whether you decide to shop at your local farm stand, or the grocery store, be sure to bring reusable canvas bags. Grocery stores go through thousands of plastic bags a week, and many of them end up in our precious ecosystems and oceans, with about eight million metric tons of plastic waste entering the ocean annually. Keeping reusable bags in your car and home at all times will keep you from needing those extra bags at the grocery store, and it can help to keep animals and their habitats safe and clean.

Conserve your water
A great first step you can take to help improve the global issue of water conservation is to time your showers. You should also make sure to turn the water off when doing your daily routines – like washing your face or brushing your teeth. Another great option is to invest in low-flow faucets and appliances. You can easily install a low-flow shower head, which could greatly cut down on the gallons of water you are using (as well as save you money on your water bill). Other low-flow options that can integrated into your home over time are Energy Star dishwashers and low-flush toilets. These are designed to use less energy and save more water (and more money).

Have a voice
If you are an environmental advocate and eco friendly living warrior, one of the best things you can do is share your insights and your voice with others. You truly never know who might be inspired if you share your vision and awareness, whether that be on social media or in person. So, get out there and educate your neighbors, friends and family. You will be surprised by how many people adopt your values along the way! 

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