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In Celebration of Earth Day

This month, we thought “outside of the box”, so to speak, to bring members an assortment of product types beyond beauty & personal care, but of course, we included a few items there as well.  The goal was to introduce members, or remind them about some of the leading “sustainable brands” in the space, while highlighting some of their latest offerings.  On the Beauty & Personal care front, we included a lovely CC Cream from prestige beauty line Juice Beauty, featuring their uniquely effective stem cell anti aging technology; a light weight. jojoba oil based hydration serum  from super green leader Seventh Generation, who also offers a whole host of personal care, feminine care and household cleaning products and a new SLS free, botanical whitening toothpaste from Tom’s of Maine, one of original names in natural, also offering a host of other oral and skin care products.  To highlight the importance of eating more organic, whole foods, we included a raw, whole food, vegan protein powder from one of the leading brands in whole foods based wellness, Garden of Life .   In addition to beauty, personal care and wellness, we also hit apparel and reusables with the inclusion of a fun pair of organic cotton socks from sustainable apparel company PACT, who also makes awesome underwear, camisoles, tank tops, t-shirts and more, along with a reusable PeopleTowel, which also doubles as a lovely facial cloth, and comes in a variety of super cute designs.  While it’s somewhat outside our normal beauty, personal care and wellness focused collections, we felt it important to highlight just how much good we as consumers can do when it comes to using our shopping dollars wisely to support brands like these, leading the way toward a cleaner, greener planet.  Happy Earth Month!

**Note – This represents all products for the month of April. Members did not receive all items in each box, but a combination of 5 that best suited their profile selections.

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