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September 2014 Goodebox

Weleda Skin Food Cream

Weleda Skin Food Cream is a unique, ultra-rich whole-body cream that deeply hydrates, restores and protects skin with nourishing plant oils and extracts.

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SquareHue Nail Polish

Each full size, premium polish is packaged in a square bottle for maximum product stability & storage & easy color selection.

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Jacobsen Salt Co. Slide Tin

This Slide Tin is perfect for your bag, pocket, or purse. Take your favorite finishing salt with you wherever you go to make each bite that much better.

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Barre3: where ballet barre meets yoga and pilates.

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Plantlife Arnica Relief Gel

Plantlife Arnica Relief Gel eases discomfort and provides relief from aches and pains associated with injury, arthritis, stiffness or overuse.

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SkinnySkinny Organic Dry Shampoo

SkinnySkinny Organic Dry Shampoo absorbs the excess oils in your hair so that you can go days without washing, saving your hair from become dry and brittle.

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