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Sunscreen & Your Skin: How to Prevent Skin Damage

To prevent damage to your skin by the sun’s rays, it is important to use a good sunscreen to protect yourself. Sunscreens are graded according to their Sun Protection Factor, SPF. When you are considering a sunscreen be sure that you understand what the SPF actually means.

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Beauty Routines Before Going to Bed

Whether you like it or not, a little effort and time will be required for a beauty routine – a consistent practice that will allow you to wake up to good mornings knowing that you have a healthy and glowing skin.

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Meet AILA Founder Dr. Cary Gannon

Meet AILA Founder & leading podiatrist Dr. Cary Gannon. After an “Awakening”, Cary started eliminating things (and people) in her life that were not healthy.  Taking care of her body and eliminating as…

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Love Thyself & Others

We’ve got your back. Thinking about Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered. Give up to $99 in bonus luxury goodies for FREE this Month to those you love… including yourself! Three ideal options for sweethearts, family and friends!

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A Look Inside Poethique with Gayatri Pradhan

Read on to learn more about Poethique through founder & CEO Gayatri Pradhan. Discover her favorite green beauty products, what running a small beauty brand has taught her & how much water she drinks a day. (Hint: it’s a lot!) 

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A Look Inside Sahajan with Lisa Mattam

“I picked up a shampoo on the shelf that had the word natural in it. It also had synthetic fragrance, silicones, PEGS – it was crazy. We need more regulations for the word natural.” Learn more from Lisa Mattam of Sahajan here.

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