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Inside Mr. B’s Necessities with Founder Shem Gott

The Mr. B’s Necessities family started creating 100% natural bath and body products in 2012, and they’ve never looked back. The idea to make pure, sustainable, plant-based bath and body products came when Shem & Laura started using their son’s baby food jars to make essential oil candles. They loved the fresh smell of these aromatherapy candles so much that they figured others might too. They were right! We loved featuring their Travel Tin Essential Oil Candles in our box in May. 

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June Sneak Peek – 19 Options

The June Sneak Peek is here. One of our Goodbeing member perks is the option to choose 1-2 of their products a month. Curious to see what our members can choose for their June Box? See below!

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Pick your Bonus Gift

Celebrate the Mama’s in your life – there are likely more than a few – maybe you’re one of them! Give a Standard Goodbeing Gift Membership (or Join and treat yourself) and choose one of the BONUS (yes, that means extra) Gifts below to receive with the first box shipped. Give more love for mamas.

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Meet The Co-Founders of Eco Armour

“You know the saying, ‘that which you resist persists’. We aren’t about resisting anything. Instead, let’s embrace where we are and understand that if we nourish our bodies and spirits, we will radiate a beauty that is ageless!” Read more from the founders of Eco-Armour here.

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Photo by Annie Spratt

10 Ways to say, “I Love You Mom”

10 Ways to say, “I Love You Mom”. From DIY to good buys…she will feel the love. Support & encourage her healthier self-care rituals & practices. A personalized healthy beauty & natural wellness Gift Membership from Goodbeing will help…and it’s fun. Gift Memberships just happen to be 25% off.

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May Goodbeing Sneak Peek

The May Goodbeing Box Sneek Peak is here. One of our Goodbeing member perks is the option to choose 1-2 of their products a month. Curious to see what our members can choose from for their May Box? See below!

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Take advantage of our Easter Flash Sale. This beats a candy & plastic shred filled basket any day! Take 20% OFF any Standard Regular Membership. Click her for details.

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Sunscreen & Your Skin: How to Prevent Skin Damage

To prevent damage to your skin by the sun’s rays, it is important to use a good sunscreen to protect yourself. Sunscreens are graded according to their Sun Protection Factor, SPF. When you are considering a sunscreen be sure that you understand what the SPF actually means.

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Beauty Routines Before Going to Bed

Whether you like it or not, a little effort and time will be required for a beauty routine – a consistent practice that will allow you to wake up to good mornings knowing that you have a healthy and glowing skin.

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Meet AILA Founder Dr. Cary Gannon

Meet AILA Founder & leading podiatrist Dr. Cary Gannon. After an “Awakening”, Cary started eliminating things (and people) in her life that were not healthy.  Taking care of her body and eliminating as…

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Love Thyself & Others

We’ve got your back. Thinking about Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered. Give up to $99 in bonus luxury goodies for FREE this Month to those you love… including yourself! Three ideal options for sweethearts, family and friends!

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