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We can’t live without: Rutz Naturals Body Nectar Natural Body Oil

Products we can't live without: Rutz Naturals Body Nectar Natural Body Oil

Get cozy & keep skin happy.

Meet your new favorite natural body oil.

It’s time to add another soft, cozy layer and protect your skin from Mother Nature’s chillier side. We love this natural body oil from Rutz Naturals as a transitional product for fall to increase moisture retention when skin can start to dry out & look dull.

Extremely versatile, Body Nectar can be used on the body, face & even in hair. The recipe includes skin soothing highly nourishing oils like safflower, sunflower, grapeseed and apricot kernel (nut free). These oils create a protective layer over skin. Perfect post shave, post shower or layered with body lotion to add an extra protective layer. A healing blend of botanicals, antioxidants, linoleic acids and vitamins fight signs of aging, sun damage, reduces appearance of stretch marks and at the same time, increases skin’s collagen. The light, slightly sexy, fresh scent comes from a blend of geranium, sage, ylang-ylang and lavender essential oils. It is über softening and leaves skin feeling super luxurious!

Body Nectar was born after Rutz Naturals Founder, Steph’s, long and disappointing search for the perfect natural body oil for her dry skin; one that wouldn’t soak up in 5 mins, but would still feel silky and smooth hours after applying. Now it’s one of their top selling products.

Tip: Stubborn eye makeup is easy to remove with Body Nectar. Make sure you wipe clean and keep out of eyes. It also works great as a cuticle oil, bath oil & to smooth fly aways and seal split ends.

Want more? Keep your feet pedi perfect longer by massaging Body Nectar into your heals every night before bed.

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About the brand: Twenty years in the beauty and cosmetic industry, Steph Schuler helped women try to find their confidence, their beauty, their self esteem in a luxe tube of lipstick or miracle eye cream. Steph began to realize they were always looking for something much deeper, something intangible. Trained in the energetic art of Reiki and after doing a bit of soul searching herself, she realized that finding true beauty goes beyond the makeup counter or hottest new look. True beauty begins at a very soulful level where self-love, forgiveness and a good dose of positive energy are the best products in your arsenal.

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