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Buy Now: Goodbeing Spring Bonus Box


Spring is upon us and we thought it would be fun to share some goodies to help you “spring” into a new clean beauty routine. Here’s your chance to discover new favorites, stock up on tried and true goods and plan ahead for birthday giving  – moms, daughters, friends co-workers (and you!) Enjoy!

What it is:
 Each Spring Bonus Box includes 10 items from the brands we’ve worked with over the past 18 months, all of which are healthy, cleaner and high performing. This may include skincare, bodycare, haircare, makeup, accessories & wellness products. This box is ideal for members who want more products to try, non-members checking out the type of products included, gifts and just because! 

Each Spring Bonus Box includes 10 items, at least 1-2 of them full size, the rest deluxe trial & travel size or larger sachets. The image here is only representative of what may be included, not an exact representation.

This is not a clearance box.  These previous and current products that continue to included in Member Boxes.   It’s an opportunity to try several of the products we have included in member boxes, some of which may also appear in future member boxes.

Price: Each Spring Bonus Box is $30, including shipping, within the United States. International shipping is an additional $15.

Shipping: Shipping is FREE within the United States.  International shipping is an additional $30.00. Orders will ship within seven business days.  Extra shipping costs apply to orders outside of the United States and will be applied at checkout.

PLEASE NOTE: Spring Bonus Boxes are non-returnable and non-refundable.   They are a one-time purchase and do not create nor affect a Goodbeing membership.  Total box value will exceed $30.00 (average value over $75) 

What’s the difference between Bonus and normal Member Goodbeing box you ask?

  • Member boxes are $18-$21 each, depending on which plan you choose
  • Member boxes includes 4-5 items, usually with one full size, the rest deluxe trial, travel or sample size. Bonus Boxes include 10 items. (Some products included in Member boxes may not be available for Bonus boxes)
  • Member boxes are customized based on your member profile (skin type, hair type, interests, etc). Members also choose 1-2 products in their box each month. Bonus Boxes are not customized beyond the type chosen here.  For Members, the profile is not considered for Bonus Boxes purchased
  • Member boxes come with special offers from most brands & product details, Bonus boxes do not
  • Bonus boxes are available only few times a year and are in limited supply