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Q&A with Boho Gold Botanicals Founder Ashley Hasenkopf

No more Nasty Chemicals: Q&A with Boho Gold Botanicals Founder Ashley Hasenkopf

Boho Gold Botanicals Founder Ashley Hasenkopf

“My inspiration behind Boho Gold was simple: no more harsh chemicals! I wanted to create a skincare line that was pure and simple. I wanted to create a product I could feel good about putting on my own skin (and yours)! I got my start in the beauty industry about 6 years ago when I became a licensed esthetician. I have worked for many years as a freelance makeup artist and more recently opened up a small sugar wax studio in Portland, OR. I was constantly around beauty products filled with nasty chemicals claiming to be good for you. I dove hard into researching organic beauty alternatives and became somewhat of a mad scientist, mixing and creating different masks for my own personal use. Just like that, Boho Gold was born! I am passionate about changing the world to be a more organic place. With Boho Gold you are making a difference!” – Ashley

What’s your favorite part about running Boho Gold?
I love a lot things about running Boho Gold. I love the freedom to create products that I want to see in the market. I love being able to express my passion for clean beauty and building relationships within that community. But, most of all, I love the interactions with customers. When I get to hear how using good skincare products has changed their lives or the way they view themselves – that’s what really makes it all worth it for me.

Of the products you make, which is your favorite?
My favorite product in my line is the Hydrating Cocoa Mocha Mask. It smells so yummy, like a fresh cup of coffee. I love to put it on at night after a nice hot shower, in my robe, drinking tea, settling down for the night. There is nothing better!

Boho Gold Hydrating Mocha Cocao Mask

Not including your own brand, what are 3 of your must have beauty/wellness/lifestyle products?
1. A jade facial roller. I love those things! In the morning when the rollers are cold, it helps de-puff and wakes up my skin.

2. Raw mango butter. Similar to people who use coconut oil as a cure all, I feel that way about mango butter. I keep a jar of it in the bathroom & I put that stuff on everything! Got a dry patch? Mango butter. Itchy scalp? Mango butter. I use it all over my body. I love it. It’s very thick and super hydrating!

3.Charcoal toothpaste. It’s like masking for your teeth. It makes my teeth feel refreshed and keeps them looking sparkly clean!

Any beauty/wellness myths you’d like to bust?
Oh yes! This one kills me every time I hear it: putting oil on your skin causes acne. So not true! The right oil can actually help balance out oil production in your skin and relieve acne. Most people assume with acne you need to dry out the oil so in turn they use a lot of drying products. That is actually increasing the oil production in your skin, and as a result, you get more acne. Your skin needs that natural oils, so when you are constantly drying out your skin to prevent oil, your body will fight back full force and start to over produce. There are many great acne fighting oils out there. Try one out, your skin will thank you!

What’s a trend in the wellness/beauty industry you’d like to see grow?
Transparency. There is a lot of shady business that goes on in the beauty industry with ingredients, sourcing of said ingredients and how they are tested. I love the boom of natural products and their moral mission to be open and honest about what they use in their products. People do care about what’s in it, where it came from and how it affects them. I would love to see the transparency in brands keep growing!

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