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Bedrock & Bloom’s Smart Ash Tooth Whitener + Detoxifier


Bedrock & Bloom makes alternative personal care products that are vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO, raw, all natural, and just generally good for you. The idea for Smart Ash was born out of years of frustration with other teeth whitening methods. After spending countless hours researching, the soon-to-be-born brand discovered that traditional whitening products are terrible for your teeth, and the effects these treatments have on the color of your teeth are temporary. But even though the whitening effect of those products is half gone in the first week, the negative effects on your enamel can be long lasting, and even permanent. After researching hundreds of ingredients and testing dozens, they found 100% natural and organic ingredients that do exactly what they were hoping for.

Smart Ash is a non-abrasive tooth whitening powder that’s actually good for your teeth. The natural ingredients safely lift stains and toxins from your teeth while simultaneously strengthening, remineralizing, and reversing sensitivity. It’s safe to use every day as a toothpaste alternative and the food-grade ingredients are kid friendly. 100% Fluoride-free, Non-GMO and Cruelty-free. (Vegan)

.5 oz.

Safe for family
Helps remove stains
Whitens teeth
100% Natural

Minty, Refreshing

1. Dampen toothbrush and dip bristles into powder, a little goes a long way.
2. Gently brush your teeth for 2 minutes – don’t cheat!
3. Brush again with water to remove residue. Spit close the drain with meager force to minimize mess.
4. Enjoy your Smart Ash Mouth!

Wildcrafted Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal, All Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay, Certified Organic Frankincense, Certified Organic Orange Peel Extract, Certified Organic Mint Extract

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