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Beauty Routines Before Going to Bed

Beauty Routines Before Going to Bed

Don’t hide that beautiful face in a pillow before doing this. 

Beauty Routines Before Going to Bed
After a tiring and stressful day, there is nothing more comforting than the thought of finally being able to hit the hay. However, we all must fight that instinct to fall face first into the pillows & make sure pit stop in the bathroom first. Whether you like it or not, a little effort and time is definitely required for a beauty ritual – a consistent practice – that will allow you to wake up knowing that you have healthy and glowing skin.

Remove your Makeup
Regardless of how tired you are, and that all you want to do is succumb to slumber, do not forget to remove your makeup. When you are sleeping, the skin renews itself. If you leave your makeup on, you are preventing this renewal from actually happening & further causing damage to delicate skin. The residue from the makeup can clog pores and cause skin imperfections, blemishes and more. For the best way to remove your makeup, consider the products from Well Within Beauty.

Wash your Face
Now that you’re done removing your makeup, the next thing to do is wash your face. It’s best to use a gentle foam or cream cleanser (whichever you prefer) that works for your skin type. Using lukewarm water when washing, move hands in a circular motion over skin. (A towel or washcloth can be too harsh and cause damage from excessive exfoliation.) According to Teen Vogue, this is an important step in your nighttime beauty routine because it makes sure that anything else applied on the face before you sleep will work. If your skin has dirt on it and in it’s pores, chances are, anything else that you put on it will just sit on the surface.

Hydrate and Moisturize
After washing your face, you can now apply organic beauty products that nourish the skin and assist in its repair in your sleep. Start with a toner and follow with a moisturizer. A hydrating overnight mask will also be effective in plumping up the skin and making it smoother. Using an eye cream should not be missed as well as it can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which are visible signs of aging. Try turning on a humidifier before you go to sleep as it can add moisture to the air, which will be great for the skin!

Tie your Hair
This is pretty basic, but a lot of women are surely guilty of not doing it. It’s important to remember that hair contains natural oils. While these oils are great for your scalp and hair follicles, If they get in contact with the skin during your sleep, they can lead to acne and other common skin problems. When you tie your hair, however, be sure that you do not apply too much of a tension as this can be contributory to hair loss. Washing pillows and sheets often will can help keep skin clean as well.

It’s not enough that you drink a cup of calming tea before you go to sleep. (Although we love that too!) Exert a little effort, spare some time for yourself, and keep that skin glowing and youthful through the years.

Get those beauty routines started today!

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