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Our Criteria

Our Criteria

Here at Goodebox, we’re keeping it clean & healthy, which means Goodebox will not include products containing these ingredients:

Beauty Products

Research is ongoing, and this list will be updated as new information comes to light.

1. BHA and BHT
2. Coal tar dyes
3. DEA
4. Dibutyl phthalate
5. Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives including
6. Parabens
7. Parfum (artificial fragrance)
8. PEG compounds
9. Petrolatum
10. Siloxanes
11. Sodium laureth sulfate
12. Triclosan
13. Talc
14. Lead

Wellness Products & Supplements

While some of these ingredients may be used in a safe manner, and we do feel certain supplements can beneficial to overall health & wellness, we take a conservative approach with the products included in Goodeboxes. We are not dispensing medical advice and recommend asking a physician before taking any supplement.

1. Inorganic Selenium – sodium selenite and selenate
2. Magnesium stearate
3. Titanium dioxide
5. Parabens
6. Microcrystalline Cellulose
7. Silicon Dioxide
8. Talcum Powder
9. Artificial flavors
10. Artificial colors
11. Pharmaceutical Glaze aka Shellac
12. Povidone (polyvinylpyrrolidone or PVP)
13. Aconite (aconiti tuber, aconitum, radix aconiti)
14. Bitter Orange (aurantii fructus, Citrus aurantium, zhi shi)
15. Chaparral (creosote bush, Larrea divaricata, larreastat)
16. Collodial silver (ionic silver, native silver, Silver in suspending agent)
17. Coltsfoot (coughwort, farfarae folium leaf, foalswort)
18. Country Mallow (heartleaf, Sida cordifolia, silky white mallow)
19. Germanium (Ge, Ge-132, germanium-132)
20. Greater Celandine (celandine, chelidonii herba, Chelidonium majus)
21. Kava (awa, Piper methysticum, kava-kava)
22. Lobelia (asthma weed, Lobelia inflata, pukeweed, vomit wort)
23. Yohimbe (yohimbine, Corynanthe yohimbi, Corynanthe johimbi)
24. Comfrey (blackwort, common comfrey, slippery root)

Foods & Beverages

1. Partially hydrogenated oils
2. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
3. BHA
4. BHT
5. High fructose corn syrup
6. Artificial food colors/dyes
7. Sodium nitrates and nitrites
8. Artificial sweetners – Splenda, saccharin, Aspartame
9. Olestra
10. Carrageenan
11. GMOs – genetically modified organisms