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A Look Inside Z Skin Cosmetics with Ryan Zamo

Ryan Zamo of Z Skin Cosmetics

Ryan Zamo of Z Skin Cosmetics

Z Skin Cosmetics was founded after Ryan Zamo began searching and failing, to find products which worked just right for his skin type. So, he turned to my father and his mother to crack the secret to flawless skin! His mother who suddenly passed away in April of 2015, let him in on her extensive background in plant biology, and her long career as a successful horticulturist. His father, who grew up in Hungary, always told him the stories about the amazing ways they would heal skin with herbs and oils when he was growing up. They say the best home remedies come from our ancestors, and how true it is! With his Hungarian traditions, and his mom’s insight into the use of exotic herbs and oils from across the world, they showed him how to keep skin looking young and fresh. And, after years of searching the globe for the secret to perfect skin, Z Skin Cosmetics can finally offer up the unprecedented formulas from Mother Nature herself.With these global traditions all packed into one skin care line, the results are unprecedented, and the proof is in our costumers! Learn more about why Ryan loves clove, how he stays fit & what the Z Skin’s most underrated, but best selling product, is on the market today!

1. What 3 tips or tricks can you share for feeling and looking your best?
Three things you MUST do to feel and look your best are actually pretty easy. First of all, GET SLEEP! When your body is resting, it is able to produce more hormones to regenerate healthy cells! Second, drink water! Staying hydrated is the key to a glowing completion. And finally, listen to your skin! If its dry, you need a better moisturizer, if its too oily, you’re using too much. Your skin will let you know exactly what it needs!

2. What’s your favorite part about running Z Cosmetics?
Honestly, everything! I am a chatty person, so I really enjoy answering emails from people asking for advice. Even if its not about my products, if I don’t think something will work for them, I am not going to just push the sale. I started the company to help people the way I wish someone would’ve helped me when I was struggling, and I stay true to my mission! I also hand write thank you notes and attach them to every order – I truly do appreciate all the support I have received and the least I can do is take time to write thank you.

3. Of the products you make, which is your favorite?
My personal favorite product is the Mid Day Shine Control. It is an underestimated product! I started selling at flea markets locally, and it was actually the #1 seller. It instantly absorbs sweat and oil from the skin, and keeps it that way for 3-5 hours. Its like being able to wash your face without face wash or water.

4. What sets Z Cosmetics apart from other lines on the market today?
We use exotic ingredients in our products. With my parents background in plant bio, I was able to discover rare ingredients from remote areas of the world, which are proven to work about 30 times faster than the leading mundane ingredients.

5. What do you do to stay active and why?
Running a company by myself, with revenue close to $1 million in just 2 years, takes a lot of time! So, I purchased a fold up cardio bike, and do about 2 hours on it a day while I am working! It keeps me energized and healthy, I figure if I am going to be sitting down doing things I may as well get a workout in!

6. Any beauty/wellness myth’s you’d like to bust?
I hate when people refuse to buy products with oil because it will ‘clog’ their pores. There are many different types of oils that do different things! The oils in my acne line actually help reduce oil production and excess shine, while the oils in my anti-aging line add deep moisture and restore radiance.

Botanical or Ingredient you love?
Though its not a ‘rare and unheard of exotic ingredient’, the one ingredient I find SO fascinating is clove! Clove has so many different properties, it is still used in smaller parts of the world as a local anesthetic for operations, because it numbs the immediate area. It also helps reduce swelling, increase blood circulation, plump out wrinkles and is an antibacterial. It also can be used with cinnamon to lighten hair!

Thanks Ryan!

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