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A Look Inside Pure Glam with Tara Verkuil

Meet Tara Verkuil of Pure Glam. Founded in 2009, Pure Glam is a group of health and beauty devotees who are passionate about organics and believe that a 100% natural product line should not have to sacrifice performance, purpose and purity. They are also dedicated to sustainability and ensuring that all ingredients sourced for their products come from fair trade farms! We fell in love with the ethos of this line and we know you will too. Learn more about Tara and Pure Glam below! xo

Pure Glam

1. What’s your favorite part about running Pure Glam?
My favorite part is creating products that really have no equal in the market right now. No one wants to risk a bad hair day, but they also love safe ingredients and we’re getting lots of positive reinforcement about the high performance of the products.

Whether it is the Yoga Journal or Prevention Magazine, it is gratifying to hear from professional product testers that we’re delivering on our promise of going green without sacrificing results. It is exciting to be creating safe, green products and replacing the traditional synthetic products that are out there without sacrificing performance.When we were creating Pure Glam we went through hair lines and replaced the most common dangerous ingredients with all natural, organic alternatives that really work.

2. What’s a trend in the beauty industry you’d like to see grow?
We thrive on delivering products that can help people in their practical lives like dry shampoo. When you combine that with healthful, organic ingredients that reduce risk in people’s lives, it helps women in multiple ways. For example, dry shampoo is perfect after a yoga class when you might now have time for a shower and blow dry. To provide innovative products that fit with women’s day-to-day scheduling demands and help them meet goals to be smart, green consumers – that is something we feel good about helping to grow industry-wide.

3. What sets Organic Beauty Now apart from other lines on the market today?
High performance hair care that is also green – hard combination to find. Historically, women had to choose between having an ok hair day made with safe ingredients or a WOW hair day with highly toxic ingredients. Pure Glam has bridged that gap. We provide WOW and safe ingredients.

4.  Do you have a hero? If so, who and why?
Lucy – my daughter is my inspiration for the products and for so much more. I developed my first line, “ecoprincess” just for her.

5. Any beauty/wellness myth’s you’d like to bust?
You can go green and feel confident that you are not taking a risk on performance or quality of results.

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