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Prim Botanicals

Prim Botanicals , Stefanie, Victoria and Whiskey the Dog- Central photo by TLV Birdie


A little sweet and a little sassy. Prim Botanicals was raised in the Philippines but is currently based in New York and California. Prim is all about loving yourself for all that you are, embracing your beauty and restoring skin and soul with their gorgeous products. They source many luxurious tropical ingredients and work with their own esthetician to create products that work effectively while remaining free of toxins.  Everything is handcrafted in small batches and they add a lot of extra love into every bottle! Step into the world of Prim and learn more about how Stefanie and Victoria started their own dreamy company.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 (beauty & wellness) products could you not live without? (You have food and water)
A bolo (Filipino machete) to cut open all that gorgeous tropical fruit; our new lip sheen in Pretty Perfect (the color is the perfect beachy shade and it helps protect from the sun); and a bottle of Casa Dragones tequila to help make the whole “being stranded” thing a little more fun.

What is your morning beauty routine? evening?
My mornings are never as calm as I’d like so I try to keep my routine as easy as possible. I wash my face (the Sasha Essentials, now Linne Botanicals, Purify Facial Cleanser is a new obsession), followed by our The Face Oil. For makeup, I’m addicted to Kjaer Weis Foundation and Lily Lolo Black Vegan Mascara. At night, I love alternating beauty treatments – even on busy days (or should I say, especially on busy days!) We’re always testing something new so most evenings include trying out a new ingredient – which is always pretty fun! Before going to bed I make sure to use both our Potions together with The Face Oil. Then I drink all my supplements, pray I remember to meditate (does the thought always count?), force myself to disconnect from all technology (I’m a TV and film junkie and often feel like I live on Instagram) and go to bed.

What 3 tips or tricks can you share for feeling and looking your best?
The Prim life is a life of balance. If you really need that pizza, eat it. But don’t just eat it – enjoy it, and never give yourself grief for it. And then have some kale later on. So balance is tip no 1. Dancing / Laughing / Being Silly is definitely tip number 2. since no one feels unattractive when they’re having a good time. And number 3. is go with your gut – and honor that voice inside. It’ll remind you to wash your face before bed, drink more water, encourage you to get a little extra shut-eye, and will gently nudge you towards a yoga class when you’d rather be chowing on more pizza.

What’s your favorite part about running Prim Botanicals?
Never having to buy any of the products we make ever again! But really, the best part is the interaction with all of our amazing customers. You spend so much time formulating, and planning, and trying to get your products out there and a lot of times, this can feel like a serious uphill battle. So when someone takes the time to reach out to tell you that something you helped create has truly helped them and made them feel lovely – well, there’s really nothing better than that!

What’s a trend in the beauty industry you’d like to see grow?
We love how knowledgeable consumers are and continue to be! We would like to continue to see more awareness where beauty products are concerned, and we strive to only use the purest, safest ingredients to help surpass the expectations of even the most discerning customer. We appreciate being kept on our toes!

What beauty trend would you like to see disappear?
That over-coifed, too contoured, too serious, “everything perfect” look. Give us natural waves, softness, a bright smile and real girl beauty any day.

Of the products you make, which is your favorite?
As a team we’re all completely addicted to The Body Oil since it feels like a mini vacay each time you use it. My current personal fave (which changes weekly, it seems!) is our new Debauchery Detox Body Scrub. It has Philippine Barako coffee, Hawaiian black lava salt, Epsom salt and activated charcoal from coconut shells to help get rid of toxins and help wash away all your not-so-good deeds.

What sets Prim Botanicals apart from other lines on the market today?
We have gone to great lengths to make the entire Prim Botanicals experience easy, fun, fresh and completely enjoyable – right down to the tropical flamingo and palm tree confetti included in every order. Being from the Philippines, and now living in both New York and California, has certainly affected our line as well! We source as many lush tropical ingredients as possible, and then create products that can easily be used by the girl on the go who, sadly, doesn’t have the luxury of island time. Everything we make can be used in multiple ways, and deliver results in a hurry. We literally begin the development process by asking questions like, “How quickly can we make zits disappear?” (Potion N1 gets them overnight!) or “How do we make sure that even the most sensitive skin types can use this?” or “Is this good enough to wanna tell everyone you’ve ever met about it?” My co-founder, Victoria, is a licensed esthetician and she’s very invested in the quality of the ingredients and their effects on the skin while I am always asking, “Ok, it works incredibly well, which is the most important thing, but can we also make it really pretty and an absolute pleasure to use?” We try to cover all the bases!

We all know healthy beauty starts with what we put in our bodies. What 3 tips can you share about beauty from the inside out? (think superfoods, supplements, teas, elixirs and the like)
We, and I mean even our team members who aren’t from The Philippines, are all obsessed with salabat. Boil water with fresh ginger, peeled and thinly sliced. When it’s nice and strong, add half a lemon per mug and Manuka honey to taste. It’s incredible! I also love Goodnight Dust by Moon Juice (purchased at CAP Beauty) and this amazing drink I got at Shen Beauty called Hydration Inner Beauty Boost by The Beauty Chef. It’s a wonderful treatment for the skin and the gut.

Serious stuff. Which ingredients do you avoid at all costs?
Artificial fragrance, particularly in face products, is something we totally avoid. Besides, it’s irritating and reminds us too much of high school (and not in a good way).

What do you do to stay active and why?
We dance while we work – and we work a lot! Plus, classes at Bandier are always awesome as are Pilates sessions with Monica Delgado while in New York. In California we run around with Whiskey, our favorite dog.

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