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A Look Inside :: Previse Skincare


Previse Skincare revolutionizes skin typing. Their evaluation utilizes patient genetics and behavior to determine optimal regimens to keep the body’s number one organ healthy, fit, resilient and glowing. Get a better look inside this incredible company!

  1. Of the products you make, which is your favorite? New ZF/MarineGranules?
    This is such a great question because I’ve fallen in LOVE with our MarineGranules Exfoliator. This product is so universal it will be a staple in everyones shower or medicine cabinet. Why? MarineGranules features tiny, semi-soft botanical extracts from the jojoba plant, plus fossilized marine algae. They are suspended in a light-weight mousse. Clients customize their favorite cleanser by squeezing a bit of MarineGranules when they cleanse their face! Squeeze a little for light exfoliation, a little more for those weekly deep cleansing routines. We beta-tested MarineGranules in 2013.Here are a few links covered by press from various countries:WWD: com
  1. We all know healthy beauty starts with what we put in our bodies.What 3 tips can you share about beauty from the inside out? (think superfoods, supplements, teas, elixirs and the like). Do you have a favorite beauty boosting meal you’d like to share a recipe for?
    Well I like start my day with a Smoothie. My recipe is coconut milk, kale, blueberries, flax seed, cacao and maca powders, raw sunflower seeds, half of banana and raw protein powder. This elixir definitely gets me started for the day! Walking outside with my dogs is definitely good for the body and brain. The sun gives me necessary vitamin D. I just keep the UV radiation off my face 365 days a year. For the body I complete a 21 day purification twice or three-time a year. My detox diet consists of mainly fruits, vegetables and supplements. By eliminating animal proteins, dairy, sugar and wheat for even just 21 days really clears the skin, eyes and other organs. Plus I can’t believe how much clearer my thinking is!
  1. What sets Previse apart from other lines on the market today?
    As we say to all our champions, Previse borrows what nature creates and return what we borrow in good faith. Plus we are the only skin care company who attends to human skin in the same way dermatologist do; through the Fitzpatrick scale which measures our skin’s response to UV radiation. No other skin care company is taking care of skin as organ while respecting the balance of nature. I am so proud that my voice, and that of our patients, clients and customers are embraced and that we all help set this preventative direction for Previse!
  2. Serious stuff. Which ingredients do you avoid at all costs?
    Serious is so right. Just think about all our modern conveniences. Many help save and prolong life. Other conveniences are actually harmful – either to the human body or our ecology. This is why we maintain a bio-healthy brand and company. We simply do not use parabens, plastic micro-beads, tricolsan, polyglycols, synthetic fragrance, petroleum, silicone and any other dubious ingredients. Sure, they some many help preserve products so manufacturers can avoid apothecary production. Others are toxic conveniences that are ending up in our food chain. I say no way! Give me Previse as part of my clean living and healthy lifestyle.
  1. Not including your own brand, what are 3 of your must have beauty /wellness products?As a Master Aesthetician for over 20 years I know three things:
    Most of my new clients have congested pores.
    The majority of my clients have some level of dry skin.
    All my clients are looking for rejuvenation and my help in correcting topical flaws.

To address these concerns I follow the practice of extracting sebum, and often silicone or petroleum based ingredients, from deep within pores. This is a standard practice for most aestheticians. Over the years I have educated my clientele on silicone and petroleum-free products. New clients are very receptive to the information, which includes shampoos and conditioners. I love John Masters lavender and avocado intensive hair conditioner. Especially heading into winter, my hair gets super dry. As for skin dryness, I typically see some level of dryness under the eyes, where the skin is very delicate and can become paper thin. I love a great serum or oil for under the eyes. Finally I recommend my clients steam at home once or twice a month, or as needed. My personal table top steamer is one of my favorite tools. The warm steam provides moist air for the face/skin. Getting the blood flowing really gives the skin a nice healthy glow!

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