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A Look Inside Isa’s Restoratives with Founder Isa Brito

A Look Inside Isa's Restoratives with Founder Isa Brito

Isa Brito of Isa’s Restoratives Photo by Emy Kane

Isa’s journey with plants started during her childhood. She was raised in Brazil, on a farm hours from the next town, so they relied heavily on home grown food and folk medicine. She was smudged with Rue to ward off nightmares. She seldom wore shoes. She felt happy, safe and free. During the twists and turns of life she found herself being a mother in Brooklyn. She rediscovered her connection with plants, studying with local herbalists as well as those from faraway lands as well. All of her products are made in small batches with love, dedication and eagle eye precision. Take a look inside her world and find out more about this amazing woman and company!


1. If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 (beauty & wellness) products could you not live without?
Just two. Matcha and Immortelle Beauty Balm.

2. What’s your favorite part about running Isa’s Restoratives?
Being in the studio during production is my favorite part of running the business, I love the process of creating a beautiful product out of all the raw materials, counting drops and seeing all the beautiful jars being filled with the magic.  I also love interaction through email with clients looking to chat before choosing a product.

3. Of the products you make, which is your favorite?
I love the balms equally but I am such a rose lover and the scent of the Immortelle Beauty Balm makes me so happy, and I gravitate toward that one more often. Plus I love the results of the balm on my skin.

4. We all know healthy beauty starts with what we put in our bodies.  What 3 tips can you share about beauty from the inside out?
I am a huge fan of herbal nourishing infusions such a nettle leaf infused in water for 8 hours to be drank freely during the earlier part of the day. It’s a natural multi-vitamin and multi-mineral, an adrenal gland nourisher and blood builder. All this goodness shows in the skin, hair and nails too. Nettle provides great and even day time energy and restorative sleep at night. I also love matcha, it gives me a gentle bright lift throughout the day without the derangement and low dips of coffee, plus it is loaded with catechins, a very powerful antioxidant.

5. Serious stuff. Which ingredients do you avoid at all costs?
Synthetic fragrance. Everything feels wrong about it.

6. What do you do to stay active and why?
In the Summer I like to bike around Prospect Park in my neighborhood in Brooklyn, it is intensively lush and besides the exercise and fresh air, I feel all that green that I soak up with my eyes brings me inner calm. In chromotherapy green cures hormonal imbalances. Stimulates growth hormone and rejuvenation.  Harmonizes the digestion and increases immunity. Biking time is me time, no music, no phone just biking uphill and gliding downhill. It makes me so happy that it must be great for me!

7. Do you have a favorite beauty boosting meal you’d like to share a recipe for?
I have been incorporating bone broth in my diet for 10 years now, I use it to cook vegetables, make sauce, soup base, or even cook grains. It has lots of minerals and collagen. I fortify my bone broth with herbs such as astragalus, burdock root, dandelion root, medicinal mushrooms, nettles, etc so all my meals are nutrient rich and it shows in the skin, hair and nails. But most importantly it mineralizes my bones, and strengthens my immune system.

8. Not including your own brand, what are 3 of your must have beauty /wellness products?
I love Paul Stamets Host Defense medicinal mushrooms products. Paul is a real mushroom expert and deeply knowledgeable on the topic and his products are of superb quality.

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