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A Look Inside Co-Pur with Founder Destiny Faithe

A Look Inside Co-Pur with Founder Destiny Faithe

Co-Pur Founder Destiny Faithe

Co-Pur, focused on creating single, effective products to “get back to the basics”, is passionate about helping people live natural, healthy lifestyles with fewer chemicals. Their products are some of the purest and cleanest on the market, featuring creatively blended, beneficial ingredients that are both health enhancing and easy on the environment.  When they say they are natural, they mean it! Dive deeper into one of our featured companies with founder Destiny below.

What is your morning routine? evening?
Just like our company and products, my morning routine is really simple. I typically wash and moisturize my face, and about 50% of the time I will apply a simple mineral foundation and mascara. The one thing I always do is take the time to make a wholesome breakfast. I find a good complete breakfast helps me start my day right and gives me the energy to put my best self forward for the day.

What 3 tips or tricks can you share for feeling and looking your best?
– Healthy clean eating is one of the most important things we can do for our bodies! Learning to read ingredient labels and weed out processed foods has been life changing for me. I have found that cooking from scratch with whole minimally processed ingredients is the best way to fuel my body and to feel my best.
– Drinking lots of water! Water cleanses your insides and keeps your skin looking and feeling great!
– Take care of your emotional and mental wellbeing. For me this is going to my yoga mat several times a week. I also try to get out and hike with my dog once per week. Being in nature helps me re-align myself and gives me the opportunity to reflect and feel a sense of gratitude for all the light and beauty in my life.

What’s your favorite part about running Co-Pur?
I love creating products that have a positive impact within peoples lives. To me there is something really gratifying about making something tangible and being able to share my creation with others. When I hear and see customers comments on how Co-Pur’s products have improved their lives, that makes my day.

What sets Co-Pur apart from other lines on the market today?
We try to keep our products as natural as physically possible. Our products are natural and simple enough that the enthusiastic DIY individual could make them, but rather than have to we’ve done it for you. You can have the healthy benefits of simple healthy and transparent products without the time and effort of having to make them yourself. All of our products contain 9 ingredients or less and are made to minimize the need for preservatives.

Do you have a favorite beauty boosting meal you’d like to share a recipe for?
When I have the time, I love making fresh juice. Juicing can be really detoxifying and gives me a really great non-caffeine energy boost. Be careful if your body isn’t used to drinking fresh juice, as it can sometimes be too much detox at once. You may want to consider starting with smaller servings or water them down a bit for your first time.

Here is my go to juice recipe (makes 2 to 3 servings), place into electric juicer:
Half a cucumber
Two Celery Sticks
One apple (seeds removed)
One inch piece of ginger
Half a lemon (rind on)
Two large handfuls of some type of greens (spinach or kale are my favorite)
Half a golden beet

What’s the hardest or most important life lesson you’ve learned?
The hardest lesson I’ve faced is something I am currently working on. It is to find a place of contentment and self-gratitude. Finding self-acceptance and permission to accept that where I am at in life is alright. Being at peace with where I am in the present is giving me the power to move past the negative things I tell myself about me and the short comings I place upon myself.  Now that I’ve mindfully decided to not let negativity hold me hostage, I feel empowered to move forward and grow. You become what you think, and that is my biggest lesson and challenge for myself moving into the new year.

Thanks for taking a peek inside Co-Pur!

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