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5 Minutes with Dermala Director Michelle Kem

Dermala Director of Product Development Michelle Kem. Learn more about Dermala & the Microbiome

Dermala Director of Product Development Michelle Kem

At Dermala, they take a completely new approach – to balance the skin and gut microbiome to get rid of acne. Why? Because healthy, clear skin can be restored by encouraging the growth of good bacteria that can eliminate and prevent acne. Dermala’s topical acne products contain nutrients that specifically feed the good bacteria on the skin along with molecules derived from the skin microbiome that kill P. acnes, unclog pores, and reduce inflammation. Dermala’s advanced acne probiotics have been formulated to deliver good bacteria to the gut to balance the gut microbiome, reduce the oil production in the skin and reduce systemic inflammation associated with acne.


We had five minutes with Dermala Director of Product Development Michelle Kem. Learn more about Dermala & Michelle below.

What is your morning routine? evening?
I’m most productive in the mornings so I like to start my day with a big cup of coffee while I check my emails and go over my to-do list. I usually follow this with a quick breakfast and shower before I head off to work. In the evenings I like to unwind by doing a quick workout, making a healthy dinner and then pampering my skin with a face mask, serum and eye cream.

What 3 tips or tricks can you share for feeling and looking your best?
1) Drink lots of water and keep a healthy diet 2) Find time to unwind and get sleep 3) Each day, find some time to do whatever it is that makes you feel confident and happy

We all know healthy beauty starts with what we put in our bodies. What 3 tips can you share about beauty from the inside out? 
I completely agree that what you put inside your body effects your outward beauty. I believe it’s best to keep it simple and fuel your body with lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins and grains. I also like to take a daily probiotic supplement that contains a prebiotic to enhance my gut health since it can be hard to find the non-digestible fibers that gut bacteria use as fuel in our everyday foods.

What was the first product available to customers to purchase?
Our Acne Treatment Pads were the first product to be developed by Dermala and the first one we started to sell. The Acne Pads contain our SE Microbiome complex, which was developed by scientists at Dermala. We realized that our bodies are covered with good bacteria that are necessary for our health and these good bacteria are always in a battle for space and food with bad bacteria like the one that causes acne. Our SE Microbiome complex is inspired by how these good bacteria work. It contains the natural product that the good bacteria releases to kill the bad bacteria along with food to feed the good bacteria and help it grow.

Of the products you make, which is your favorite?
Our Acne Treatment Pads because they have a multipurpose use! Even if you don’t have acne, they exfoliate to even out skin tone and hydrate and soothe redness. They are also easy to use and can fit into any existing skincare routine.

What’s a trend in the wellness/beauty industry you’d like to see grow?
I love seeing the diversity coming to the wellness/beauty industry. I love that different skin colors and body types are being embraced, and more products are being developed for a diverse population. This helps consumers feel more confident about their natural beauty and allows them access to more products, personalized to fit their needs.

What sets Dermala apart from other lines on the market today?
We are inspired by the microbiome which consists of the millions of microbes that live on our skin and in our gut from the day we are born. They live with us, change with us, digest our food, provide us with necessary vitamins, train our immune systems to work properly, and keep our skin healthy and hydrated. We believe that to effectively treat skin concerns like acne, need to do more than stripping the skin and killing the acne-causing bacteria. We also need to restore the healthy balance of the microbiome

Serious stuff. Which ingredients do you avoid at all costs?
Lots of stuff! We strongly believe that less is more when it comes to skincare and protecting your microbiome. We try to adhere to the European standards of banned cosmetic substances.

Thanks Michelle!
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