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The Best 5 Essential Oils for Your Scalp and Hair

The Best 5 Essential Oils for Your Scalp and Hair

Keep those luscious locks happy!

At least once in your lifetime, you probably have experienced hair loss, dandruff, greasy hair, flakiness, or dry hair. Some factors are behind the development of oily, normal or dry hair – we all have different lifestyles, ages, medication, or even nutrition. It only makes sense that these hair type variations exist.

To respond to changes in hair conditions you could look to conventional cosmetic and hair beauty products. These can not only be expensive, but may also leave you with an undesirable side effects – like dandruff or itchiness.

However, you could find a safe alternative to over-the-counter hair treatments by using natural essential oils for your hair and scalp.

But wait, what are essential oils?

These are oils prepared through the distillation of concentrated plant, flower or herb oils. In essence, these oils are natural plant powerhouses. These oils possess different phytochemicals with potent healing characteristics. Even though essential oils are know to be excellent concoctions for aromatherapy, essential oils can also make potent treatments for hair and scalp conditions which affect the growth and health of hair.

So, if you would love to eliminate dandruff, soothe your irritated scalp, improve hair condition, strengthen your hair, and promote its growth, then essential oils are for you.

Top 5 Essential Oils for Your Scalp and Hair

While there are numerous essential oil alternatives for your hair and scalp these five are backed up with scientific research.

1.Rosemary Oil
If you love cooking, then I bet you know rosemary’s unique smell. Rosemary essential oil is a rosemary leaf distillate, and it possesses terrific healing properties. The oil is rich in antioxidants alongside its skin-invigorating ability and scalp-clearing aroma. I love that this oil is not selective on hair types. Be it normal, greasy, or dry hair, rosemary works adequately to treat your hair of its condition. The oil is associated with the ability to unclog your scalp pores as well as eliminate the imbalance of scalp oil. The oil mixes perfectly with other oils to treat dandruff. Expert reviews suggest that rosemary oil triggers hair growth, activates your roots, and promotes circulation around your scalp. As early as 1998, research has linked rosemary essential oil to the treatment of alopecia. This oil triggers hair regrowth by 44% among alopecia patients (1). Recent research holds that this essential oil may stimulate new hair bulbs, and could potentially keep at bay premature baldness.


  • Clean your scalp and hair, and mix 12 rosemary essential oil drops with four tablespoons of lightly-heated olive oil in your palms
  • Massage the mixture into your damp scalp and hair
  • Cover your scalp with a warm damp cloth for thirty minutes and rinse off


2. Peppermint Oil
Yes, peppermint oil is among the best and it has a lot to offer your hair and scalp. I like this oil for its invigorating feel. Peppermint essential oil is the ultimate oil if you have either dry or greasy hair strands. Your scalp will love the cooling tingle of the oil as it starts experiencing an increase of blood flow to the regions the oil has been applied. If you have clogged pores, be sure that peppermint oil will leave them open as it removes dirt. Such unclogging of pores works in harmony with blood flow to eliminate dandruff. Lice cannot survive the antiseptic properties of peppermint essential oil. As the Dermatological Research Archives reveal, combining peppermint and eucalyptus oils gives off an effective lice shampoo treatment which can be used commercially. When it comes to promotion of hair regrowth, this oil achieves similar outcomes as tea tree oil. Peppermint oil is seen to have even better follicle depth, follicle count, and dermal thickness results than Rogaine (minoxidil). While Rogaine promotes hair growth by 55%, peppermint essential oil triggers hair growth by 92% (2).


  • Check for allergic reactions before using this essential oil
  • Place three drops of the oil on your palm and add a carrier oil of your choice. Almond, jojoba, or coconut have amazing results
  • Deeply massage the mix into your scalp and wash off after about 30 minutes

Use peppermint essential oil on your scalp and hair every day for one month to get maximum healing benefits. Caution: Peppermint essential oil can sting the eye. Avoid applying to eyes.


3. Avocado Oil
Just like many other essential oils for hair and scalp, avocado oil has many medicinal uses, and its use for hair and scalp treatment is not a new phenomenon. This oil serves as an excellent moisturizer due to its high penetrative ability. When it deeply enters the scalp and hair, it creates a wet environment thereby promoting the moisture of the scalp. The oil also fights dandruff to stop hair loss (3). Avocado oil carries vitamin E and B. These vitamins serve to strengthen your follicles. Vitamin E shows significant repair of damaged hair, while vitamin B is essential for the promotion of regrowth. This oil is rich in monounsaturated fats which carry potent antioxidants. These antioxidants trigger new hair growth, moisturize the scalp and hair, protect the hair from damage by environmental factors, and unclog your follicles the moment they penetrate the stands and scalp. Massage this essential oil well to benefit from the effect of an increase of follicle blood flow. The oil will also treat your weak, dry, and brittle hair to give it a luscious appeal.


  • Soak your hair and scalp in water
  • Mix a tablespoon of honey, essential avocado oil, olive oil, and the white part of an egg
  • Massage the mixture well into your scalp and hair
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water after 10 minutes


4. Lavender Oil The various lavender oil extracts are not created equal. Only “true lavender” has so far been studied, and its healing properties are proven. To get the best lavender essential oil, you must distill oil from the Lavendula Angustifolia plant extract. Lavender oil possesses many medicinal effects. Among these is the relief of anxiety and pain. The oil also possesses potent antitumoral, antifungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial characteristics (4). When used for scalp and hair, this essential oil achieves excellent outcomes with flaky, dry, normal, or oily hair. Use this oil to boost hair growth and scalp circulation while minimizing dryness and hair loss. If you suffer from scalp acne and dandruff, you will greatly benefit from the oil’s antifungal and antiseptic properties. Other expert views suggest that lavender essential oil is essential in giving hair a shiny luster and promotes deep hair conditioning. Research has revealed that lavender essential oil could also significantly increase your follicle count as well as deepen your follicle depth. The oil helps in triggering regrowth among alopecia victims when mixed with rosemary.

Usage (this blend enhances hair regrowth)

  • Blend lavender, peppermint, and lemon essential oils
  • Massage this powerful treatment into your scalp
  • Cover your hair for an hour and wash off


5. Tea Tree Oil
This oil originates from Australia and it is extracted from the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree leaves. It possesses strong antifungal, antiseptic, antibacterial characteristics, and it is an effective treatment for numerous skin conditions. If you seek to promote hair growth, this oil will help you to eliminate scalp and hair flakiness. Indeed, the oil has been used to treat seborrheic dermatitis, and it has shown effective dandruff elimination outcomes. The Jundishapur Medical Science University, through its Dermatology Department, holds that tea tree essential oil carries potent anti-inflammatory characteristics. As a result, the oil significantly improves psoriasis (5). When minoxidil is used in a tea tree essential oil-containing emulsion, there is a preferred hair thickness, count, and weight response as opposed to when minoxidil is used alone. Although its pungent smell may make you uncomfortable, the oil’s ability to unclog your pores is worth its use. Any bacteria, acne, or fungal infection is eliminated from the scalp thanks to the oil’s antimicrobial properties.


  • For dandruff treatment, a few drops added to shampoo and massaged well is enough
  • To promote regrowth, add almond or coconut carrier oil to a few tea tree oil and mix well
  • Massage the mix well into the scalp
  • Wash off after 25 minutes

Caution: Do not let the oil come into contact with the eyes.

It is recommended that you take caution when using any essential oil to test for allergies and sensitivity. Remember to check the oil on a small area of the skin before proceeding. Also, remember to start slow. You may use a carrier oil if you are unsure of sensitivity. If using an essential oil on a child – use tiny amounts. No essential oils for those aged below two. Seek expert guidance if you wish to use essential oils when expectant or nursing. Take similar precaution in using these oils on older adults.

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