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2019 Nail Color Trends to Watch

What’s hot in 2019?

We asked Lauren of Lauren B. Beauty what trends & styles we should look for this year.
Here are her thoughts on 2019 Nail Color Trends.

2019 Nail Color Trends to WatchIn 2018 we saw a lot of Moody deep tones on nails (think deep blues, purples and reds), mixed metals, like copper, gold and silver, and leathery earthy nude polish colors.

While a great nude never goes out of style, and is classically chic, we did saw a lot of it this year.

In nail art, nail stickers had their moment as did 3D nails. We are starting to see more studs, jewelry, beads, chains, etc. on nails, and this is probably not going away. We saw an array of abstract designs, minimal designs and modern designs consisting of lines, dots, negative space, brush strokes and more.

In 2019 I think we will start to see bright colors have their moment – think neons like my popular green polish #imjuicing and yellow called Coachella Valley Sun.


Bright colors will be popular. A fresh manicure touting these on their own or in the form of nail art will be show stoppers this season. 

I think we will see more of the ‘Negative Space’ manicure.

By this I mean a clear base coat applied onto the nail, then designs using bold lines, colors on the tips only, words or phrases, elevated versions of the traditional french manicure, or a mix of all of these. These are not only very on trend, but they are also very forgiving, as nail growth does not show as easily.

This year I believe we will see a lot of Sparkle and all things glitter.

Photo by Manicurist Betina Goldstein @betina_goldstein

I love combining the negative space manicure by starting with a clear base and then playing with glitter. I use glitter to create a crescent moon at the base, or along one side, or as a design – even a simple negative nail with glitter on top. Glitter is a form of texture that is very appealing on nails.   Other textured surfaces will become more popular and achievable. Nails embellished with beads and studs are not going anywhere. I always say nails should be your best accessory, and now we are seeing jewelry literally on your fingertips.


For nail shapes, I predict we will see more practical shapes like medium length ovals and styles that are clean and easy to achieve. 

As customers become more aware of harsh chemicals and lean toward healthier lifestyles I predict that clean nail care options will become more popular. I am seeing increased brand awareness and sales around my brand which is 7-free of harsh chemicals, vegan and cruelty free. Women want to look and feel beautiful but do not want to compromise their health. They are ready to make changes to feel healthier

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